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The Birth of Psychology


Believe it or not, psychology is actually a new discipline. It’s only around 100 years old. So where did it come from? And what happened before then? Join Micah in the FIRST episode of Micah Psych to discover the underpinnings of modern psychology!

NOTE: History books are edited. As such, there are a lot of people missing from these stories. The history of early psychology likely includes more diversity than portrayed in this very brief summary. Needless to say, old white men do not hold a monopoly on psychology, but they have in written form. Corrections:

1. Galen actually did not dissect human bodies (as far as we know). It was forbidden during the Greco-Roman era in which he lived. However, he did dissect animals and perform surgeries on humans, including their brains and eyes.

2. Wilhelm Wundt did all of his work in Leipzig, Germany. Not Zürich (which is actually in Switzerland).


[Video and text source Neuro Transmissions YouTube channel]