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Welcome to The Mind Voyager (TMV)!

I hope you enjoy my portal of informative and carefully selected YouTube videos promoting rational inquiry, critical thinking and healthy skepticism.

The TMV portal includes an assortment of educational presentations by globally renowned scientific experts, researchers and thinkers from the fields of genetics, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and more, investigating all aspects of human nature.

There are also videos exploring fascinating individuals and cultures from all over the globe. TMV also presents topics which highlight the bizarre aspects of our world and its occasionally disturbing nature, some of which are to be viewed with discretion.

We are a population of over 7.5 billion people and we often get ourselves into a muddle: anxiety, depression, obesity, poverty, famine, disease, corruption, crime, inequality and so many other negative aspects of life.

How can we help make a difference? Where do we start? How do we get inspired? I do not have definitive answers to these questions, but we can certainly alert ourselves and be more aware, especially about our very own human nature.

Humanity is susceptible to autopilot internal processes and cognitive biases, a combination of genes, complex brain structures and biology that aim to prioritize SAFETY, COMFORT and SURVIVAL, sculpting most of our thoughts and actions.

With that as a base, people are then guided by external influences; immediate culture and peer pressure being two major factors, making full ‘free will’ choices ultimately questionable.

Showcasing the latest neuroscience and cognitive science research, TMV will reveal how hidden puppeteer brain/mind interactions actually collaborate to control the ‘I’ in individuals.

This may all sound scary, however, TMV aims to make it a liberating journey of discovery, helping individuals become more self-aware. To help unlock deep rooted naturally formed fears, as a greater understanding will be formed, laying a platform to increase compassion for one’s self and others, and the ability to control the brain/mind combination, not the other way around; offering a springboard to eradicate negative habit loops in the process.

Knowledge about our very own human nature can help make the world a more harmonious place as well as create some fantastic new realities. I hope you enjoy each and every journey on TMV!


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