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The Science of Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experience (NDE)… Scientifically explained.
Lots of anecdotes claiming what seems to be very real experiences and actually, subjectively they are. No one is a liar or stupid when making such claims of heavenly, euphoric experiences during very traumatic near-death encounters. However, not one of these claims can be proven to be the real version of real beyond a personalized subjective experience of reality.
SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION offers some interesting theories as to how the brain creates a strange mind and false realities during certain instances. For those who refute the ongoing scientific research, we must ask them, are our everyday normal but weird dream states during sleep therefore somehow spiritually related too just like an NDE? What about when drunk or hallucinating on drugs? What about when a brain is injured and depending on what area why the weirdness that comes about from that? What about when NDE experience anecdotes happen to be related conveniently to the details of their specific religious belief, very different to others from across the globe (Muslims experience Mohamed and Indians experience Ganesh for example)?
Brain scans can highlight areas of the brain ignited and other areas inhibited confirming why weirdness occurs beyond our usual normalized and accepted rationalized flow. Weirdness due to brain/mind collaboration in such normalized, culturally accepted encounters can be accepted by all, but when it comes to highly charged emotional events such as NDE, all of a sudden it has to involve something different, something beyond the brain/mind connection, something spiritual?… Oh really? As simple as that on just your say so?
Too much pride involved and many questions/answers avoided in order to keep that fluffy, lovely feeling of spiritual connectedness flowing. This is the unfortunate part of spiritual belief (has its positive benefits too)… When convenient to do so, when safe away from a debate ego deflating environment spiritual believers love science and all the good it can bring about (internet to read this as one example of millions), but unfortunately when inconvenient so as to defend spiritual claims then science is soon perceived as cold, dark, robotic, unemotional, dogmatic and wrong as part of their defense.
I’m scientific… The irony is guys, I’m pretty sure I’m warm, happy, funny, empathic, compassionate, unselfish and many other positive adjectives thrown in. NOWHERE NEAR PERFECT, BUT DEFINITELY THOSE ADJECTIVES IN THE MIX. I’m also fortunate that somehow I’ve been inspired to observe beyond my ego bias confirmations in order to search for real truths, always optimistic for a greater good while remaining grounded.
Most adore that 2 week summer holiday and the ‘specialness’ of a Christmas or birthday… Add a few more special days in the year for most individuals… let’s add them up, totaling around 30 days in the year perceived as special? I have 365 special days each year, thanks to being a skeptic, a researcher, aiming for the real version of honesty and not the one that’s convenient. I don’t do cool, I don’t do funky experiences and Instagram the shit out of them adding points to my self-perceived status ranking. I do awe and wonder at the mysteries of the universe and human nature. A beautiful mind place to be! 🙂
Merry Christmas?… I’m a non-conformist in this context, sorry! However, I hope you all enjoy your day! 🙂 I’m way to knowledgeable and from there the bi-product of being very understanding which eliminates me from being blindly critical assuming my opinion counts. The brain creates subjectivity and this aids survival. The irrational becomes rational paradox… Who am I to challenge how evolution evolved? 😉
And the show goes on. 🙂 Ferrero Rocher for all!
[Video source: The Rational Channel YouTube channel]