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Lawrence Krauss: The Universe Doesn’t Give a Damn about Us

THE UNIVERSE DOES’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT US…..As millions of people still want to hang onto the idea that a god/s created a universe especially for us but just happened to create humans 14 billion years after the initial Big Bang as part of a perfect plan??? Another clear indication among way too many that the vast universe of which planet earth is just a spec of dust within the vastness was not made for us at all.
And so what? Here we are, we evolved erratically yes, still trying to make sense of our very own nature even now, our bad habits, addictions, emotions, contradictions and imperfections, what’s that all about??? Of which we try desperately to hide from the public, hoping instead that our status is observed with some kind of high rank for what we assume about ourselves as some kind of carefully thought out altruism directing our identity. Perfectly designed humans??? Yes, that’s how funny we are muddling through with humorous delusions everywhere. We are not special, we are fear ridden animals, barely evolved into humans as not so long ago we were very similar to our ape cousins the chimp, gorilla and orangutan sharing a common ancestor.
We are in an era now that still does not understand too much yet but stuck in individual and cultural ego templates battling through confused, believing our own deluded assumptions as part of our survival defense mechanisms. Our many assumptions so comforting and seem even more real as we group together with people with similar thoughts and ideas, somehow then high number memberships confirming all sorts of creative nonsense as real beyond doubt… No facts or evidence for 3000 years but who cares hey?… High numbers = must be real! Coincidentally and conveniently ignoring other high number collectives with conflicting ideas elsewhere.
Rather than observing and embracing that innocent ignorance about us which we are now able to do, seeing ourselves for how we really are, with a unique brain within the animal kingdom, an enhanced creative able frontal lobe, we are in a position to step back and clearly assess all and mold an absolutely beautiful togetherness for the collective. There’s no need for a divinity to guide us anymore, with unproven ambiguous text grasped onto with foolish pride.
WE CAN CREATE OUR OWN MEANING… We appreciate art and music, we just know it’s beautiful to love, to show compassion, to forgive, to teach, to share, to give, to appreciate, we evolved many wonderful traits. Evolution of group nature helped cultivate those assets, yet so foolish we still are, the brilliance there for all to see and enhance but we do not know how to cultivate these lovely things to fulfill our lives YET.
All we have to do is observe that we are innocently ignorant first, we can do that, we are ready. To observe that it’s natural for us to simply be nowhere near perfect. This observation itself activates a humble soft landing for our egos and a spring board to move away FROM MY WONDERFUL STATUS delusion, to a more beautiful world, shaping equality and togetherness for all… We can do that now, we can begin that process… This only starts when we let go and start observing our own bs! Anything less than that and we just continue to go around in circles hoping we are observed as special and that our status gets that high ranking we delude ourselves assuming it deserves.
By Panayiotis Stavrou
[Video source: Big Think YouTube channel]