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Kent Hovind exposed!


In this video, some two-bit John Morris Pendleton wannabe tells us that he thinks he uses stupid definitions of “evolution”, then complains about some crappy old textbooks for a while. I cover approximately the first 8.5 minutes of the 110-minute “100 Reasons Evolution is So Stupid!”. Introductions, definitions, and some Big Bang discussion. The title is the magnificent opening line of Kent’s first doctoral dissertation, my favorite document in the history of ever:… This is “the big video” I mentioned a while back. But it’s coming out in chunks, because “big” meant “BIG”. Consider the length of this video compared to the amount of Hovind material covered, and then consider that Hovind’s original video is almost two hours long. I was going to make one video, but when I realized it would be six hours long, I decided to make it a series instead.

[Video and text source: Logicked YouTube channel]