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Haitian voodoo

WE ARE NOT AWARE YET… We are an era where through no fault of our own as a majority collective, do not understand, that much of who we are we have no control over, yet act out our days assuming that we chose every aspect of our overall identity with all of the beliefs, thoughts and choices long term and short that we make. But just like they did not know how to build and fly an airplane 150 years ago, where there were millions of people and no one could come up with the correct calculations but also could not even contemplate a flying machine, in a very similar way humans are oblivious to how human nature works even in this supposed ‘advanced’ era….
Ironically, we are literally like paper planes in human form…. We are flying through life, with no real idea of what, how and why, with way too much uncertainty and status anxiety as we just learn to automatically deal and adapt to what’s around us accordingly and carry in our minds a ‘this is the way it’s done around here’ and accept it with no secondary thoughts… On top of that, work, kids, bills, social life, sleep, and we have little time to think about thinking anyway… If we were intelligent and compassionate in nature, as we like to hold that perceived position going about our days, we would all just be altruistic naturally, but are we?
1/7 of the world would not be without clean water because we would know how to share and care properly as a collective and not just walk around assuming that we are righteous contributing with our ‘good enough’ bit. We do have that positive self assessment, highlighted when we criticize others like Donald Trump, making various thought bubble comparisons. We fail to see though that we are of a very similar format of ignorance but just different layers and textures of and we just learn to hide better… Hiding usually means just flowing with what’s the accepted boundary of ignorance within any community, sliding comfortably into that norm.. A subconscious and automatic process… In Cyprus for example, the sweet old ladies love going to church, with peace, love and empathy the exterior mantra norm…. and then waste so much water 2 hours later hosing down their patios with no interest in sustainability or global warming issues what so ever, oblivious to such types of contradiction… Too many examples of good/bad contradictory patterns all over the globe in vast amount of ways, but most love to place themselves in the ‘righteous / good person’ box blissfully unaware of their ignorance.
If we were truly intelligent there would be no religion… We would easily grasp that when statistically 85% of South America is Catholic, 90% of the Middle East is Muslim, 85% of Greece and Cyprus is Christian Orthodox, 70% of India is Hindu, China and Japan having their own funky philosophies very different to the rest of the world, it’s then a little too obvious, easily noticed that people only follow cultural patterns and do not form educated choices of faith. Then as years pass by those patterns set in and are solidified as proud truths and not anything to do with reality at all but just convenience… A mind learning to fit in and conform, guided by a brain that makes it easy for the mind to do so… The more people we are aligned to, the easier it is to live a smoother life… MODERN DAY SURVIVAL AND NOTHING MORE… Fight / flight being creative as we evolved a frontal lobe that added detail to the process…
Created from basic fight /flight responses from millions of years ago generated by lower regions of the brain common to all species, which then slowly formed the ‘THEM AGAINST US’ narratives in different ways… IN A NUTSHELL we like to hang on to what’s familiar and distance ourselves from the unfamiliar… We placed appropriate story lines whilst doing this… Add 3000 years of ancestors passing down and slowly adapting fight / flight modern day narratives, we end up with what we assume must be real… Different people in defense of whatever cultural narratives fit accordingly.
In 2017 we are left debating, arguing, worshiping, all with various proud cultural exteriors, however only a handful of people able to introspect honestly and intelligently, as the subconscious realm of survival mind ties an invisible blindfold over our ability to think critically… This is called EGO…. We are not stupid, we are not arrogant, we are not even lazy. We will understand one day though, we will be able to make honest and clear introspection and not just convenient introspection. We just have to understand that airplanes flying was something even the very best engineers / designers 150 years ago had no idea how to create or even contemplate… Something that is now so simple, yet for them was just a little bit too out of their depth at the time. WE ARE OF THAT SAME INNOCENT IGNORANCE IN REGARDS TO OUR VERY OWN HUMAN NATURE TODAY AS A COLLECTIVE. 🙂
*If you were from Haiti, there’s a very good chance you would be gladly taking part in this version of creative modern day fight / flight too. 😉
Panayiotis Stavrou