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Depression and its treatment

COMPASSION!…. Anxiety and stress is usually caused by a human being worried about the response of others toward themselves…. All sorts of story-lines created through life, but many thoughts and behavior patterns set with the anticipation for the response of others reaction, of which they will then deny, assuming that the shoes bought, the fancy car or the Managerial role at work was achieved ‘for themselves’ and ‘not caring what others think’ Everything we do is with the subconscious knowing that PEOPLE ARE WATCHING AND READY TO JUDGE!!! and of course most are doing that to others in return….
I find that strange though… I’ve never met a human being worthy enough to worry me like that… Lots of amazing people around, lots of foolish too…Many talented, creative, even with that tag of ‘high’ and ‘powerful’ status. There’s people around in abundance that I can learn from for sure but not one individual or group to be afraid of being judged by, to the point of getting my mind all twisted, spiraling toward eventual depression and not knowing what actually hit me the previous few months with constant worry.
Good and righteous people are the smartest people as they have hearts filled with compassion and way too easy to approach, they would never contemplate making anyone feel compromised in any given situation near or far, long term or short…..Anyone not in this category is simply not smart enough, as they didn’t figure out that compassion is the number one attribute we should all be striving for a happy, quality life….so why worry about those who fall short of this attribute? Happiness is what we want…Contentment… People end up screwing each other over with mind games…. THIS IS EVERYWHERE…. EVEN WHEN PEOPLE ARE BEING POLITE, THEY ARE USUALLY LINKED TO SOME NEGATIVE MIND GAME somewhere along the line.
Generally, humans are constantly stuck in the cycle of defend and attack, either soft / subtle or aggressive, their whole persona riddled with fear, to be in this mode, disguised as control though…. of all decisions and choices made…but constantly worrying the same as the other stressed and anxious around them in an ongoing loop, affecting each other and the brain as shown in the presentation attached. A whole host of narratives created. So many individuals / groups digging holes, it all seems normal out there to be that way.
The vast majority with the act of showing security and confidence and/or a ‘DON’T MESS WITH ME! attitude…. when in reality, nowhere near mentally tough. Mentally strong people don’t worry about others and in turn enhance their compassion levels…All we have to do is enhance our compassion levels step by step and we help ourselves and in turn others…. The world slowly but surely becomes a wonderful place to live… We are riddled with paranoid, limp minds everywhere, this present time.
It’s not rocket science…. or is it rocket science? It must be a little complicated, no-one seems to be bothered with the obvious remedy that is compassion…. In the mean time as part of the muddle, health care professionals offer a variety of treatments, to help with what is becoming an epidemic…. DEPRESSION. 
[Video source: nature video YouTube link]