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Bruce Lee – Motivation “Be Yourself”

OH BRUCE…. Being honest with oneself… What does that mean? If only you understood how the brain works back then.
You too were a limbic system that collaborated with other areas of the brain that solidified narratives to suit beyond your control growing up molding your adult self. The complexity of ones brain forming identity within this paradigm of civilization is beyond even the very best neuroscientists and psychologists understanding and not for anyone to make such statements about being honest with oneself.
None of us constructed our identity or our personality. We stumbled across who we are by a combination of accidents heavily guided by fear, building off a genetic underpinning and which ever culture we happened to pop out of mummy in and raised to conform with direct and indirect patterns accordingly. Therefore, what do you mean by ‘being honest with oneself?’ Which part of the accident should we be honest with? 🙂
When we strip away the veneer and then being ‘honest with oneself’ what do we find? If I’m from Haiti, is the narrative of voodoo real? Should that culture strip down further to find a more honest to oneself being shifting from voodoo? I’m confused with what you meant. Did you consider everything Brucey?
Within that messy construction of ‘me-ness’ with so many contradictions, I still think you’re cool as f*ck though! 🙂 I can’t explain why…I wouldn’t dare make anyone perfect… Everyone is a bundle of mess, contradictions and pathetic if we were to dissect but who cares!!!??? I certainly don’t unless an individual or group had intention to harm others assuming their mess is more worthy than others.
So many interesting and fun people around and I personally intend to enjoy as many as possible for their version of events. Bring on more mess, the messier the better! 😀
[Video source: MulliganBrothers MOTIVATION YouTube link]