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The “God Helmet” Can Give You Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences


Steven Kotler explains that a new device and its imitators can trigger “mystical” experiences in the brain.

[Source: Big Think YouTube link]


Many of those who have an Out of Body Experience (OBE) or Near Death Experience (NDE) are so sure that it was real and simply discard the scientific research explaining that it’s all generated from inside the brain. Aren’t we in a sad place when people have this to showcase their ignorance, confirming the existence of the spiritual realm and how dare science intervenes…. This attitude is ignorant and it’s sad.
It’s disrespectful to schizophrenics also for example. When a schizophrenic hears voices, research shows that their language area in the temporal lobe part of the brain can be lit up with action as highlighted in the brain scanner, much ore than a normal brain… Is that the evil forces come to play or abnormal activity within a complex brain creating the illusion of voices? I dare these believers of OBE / NDE to insult schizophrenics and say its the evil spirits came to torment them!
When people take psychedelics and go on a mind trip for a few hours… Is that a reaction in the brain induced by chemicals or just by taking the drug the spirits decide to float down and play for a few hours until normality is resumed? A very simple observation confirming the chemicals create all sorts of illusions in the brain and nothing more!
You see, I find it way too sad that comparisons of any kind and the observation of quality scientific research made is cast aside just because people want to hold on to belief claims and use it to confirm the realm of the spiritual world exists because they are sure they experienced it! Why can’t these types just be honest and make proper comparisons rather than convenient ones, which often lead to attacking science also.