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Joe Navarro: Narcissism – Dangerous personalities

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The narcissistic personality is everywhere. It could be your closest friend, your spouse or child. I had the chance to stumble upon this well-detailed blueprint by Joe Navarro, and I couldn’t help but think of sharing it with you guys. Educating oneself about dangerous personalities, I believe is one critical step toward improving our choices in terms of friends and or partners. While I read, I’ve experienced a vivid flashback of my own encounters with these vampires (Ain’t judging, I’m kidding :). In the past, I’ve been in a deep relationship with a narcissistic partner. I also had a friend or two whose personality’s been darkened by narcissism. Thanks to that, I’ve found that I had lots to say in today’s video. This is how it turned out.

[Video source: The Journey You Tube channel]