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Human Emotion 3.3: Dogs, Rats, Elephants and Emotion?


June Gruber: Human Emotion

00:00 Chapter 1. Introduction to Lecture
00:52 Chapter 2. Canine compassion
08:18 Chapter 3. Rodent rapture
10:10 Chapter 4. Elephant emotions
13:40 Chapter 5. Take-Away Questions
14:18 Chapter 6. Expert Interview

This course is part of a broader educational mission to share the study of human emotion beyond the boundaries of the classroom in order to reach students and teachers alike, both locally and globally, through the use of technology. This mission is generously supported by, and in collaboration with, the Yale Office of Digital Dissemination and the Yale College Dean’s Office. This series was recorded and produced by Douglas Forbush, Lucas Swineford, and the Yale Broadcasting and Media Center.

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