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The Most Amazing Conjoined Twins


Conjoined twins have been a medical marvel for several centuries. The phenomenon of conjoined or Siamese twins is exceptionally rare, so when there is a set that is born, the world turns their cameras onto the little tykes. Unfortunately, conjoined twins tend to have shorter life spans, depending on where they are attached at the body. Sometimes, it is just too risky to perform surgery on both babies and adults, and the twins are better off staying attached, despite any yearning to be separated. On another note, some twins wish to never be separated and live as one with their twin.
But how do twins become conjoined in the first place? Typically, when a fertilized egg doesn’t fully separate during development. The odds of this occurring is 1 in 40,000, and the survival rate of conjoined infants ranges from 5 to 25 percent. Many of the births in the last fifty years have ended in tragedy, usually during separation surgery. Other cases have included the conjoined twins being stillborn, or one of them still alive and then going through a risky surgery to be freed from the lifeless body of their sibling.
Life for parents of conjoined children is certainly unexpected. Innovations in the medical field have now made it easier to care for children with special needs. The conjoined twins in this video have managed to lead pretty normal lives from learning how to drive a car to raising families of their own. Conjoined twins in the 19th and early 20th century were featured in circus freak shows and made their living from such activities.
One of the most well-known conjoined twins were Daisy and Violet Hilton. Their story has inspired numerous books and even a Broadway musical called, “Side Show”. The musical tries to answer the question of whether conjoined twins can really find love and raise a family. In the Hilton sisters, it was never to be as they had numerous affairs and marriages, but nothing stayed long-term. But in the case of Change and Eng Bunker, they had 21 children with two sisters. Just because a set of female twins may have been conjoined, childbirth wasn’t ruled out. Born in 1870, Rosa and Josefa Blazek were conjoined at the spine. In 1910, Rosa gave birth to a baby boy named Franz, who joined them on their side show tours.
The conjoined twins on this list have managed to live regular lives despite having someone attached at the hip or spine. How they managed to maintain relationships, let alone have children with the lack of privacy will be a mystery that most people will never truly find out.
In this video, you will meet 10 amazing conjoined twins who captured the hearts of the world from birth through their many milestones in life. Whether they were seen on a talk show of the present or from a side show act of the past, conjoined twins remind us of just how lucky we are, as well as find a new appreciation for life.

[Video source: TheRichest YouTube link]