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Split brain: One side a believer in god, the other not!

FREE WILL IS COMPLICATED…. Do we have it, yes or no? It’s more of a tricky yes, no blend ‘YNESO’, but as that mix happens to us we paradoxically and desperately hold on to the assumption that we do have ultimate control of ‘me’ as each day unravels and most thoughts, opinions and movements become automatic but not because we consciously set them into place…
Examples of the twisty, ambiguous road of the ‘me’:
*A) Free will YES – I can choose whatever technique I want to brush my teeth… One minute, three minutes, cover each area 5 times rigorously etc.
Free will NO – I will not be noticing how my brain has fixed an automatic pattern that I did not consciously design, using the same or very similar technique, amount of time brushing and clear up process daily.Try and brush with the opposing hand for a change… Your brain will create a mind to not be happy with itself in that instance!
*B) Free will YES – Brazilians can choose any religion they want, they can buy books, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube documentaries and have the ability to adapt their thinking, opinions and beliefs.
Free will NO – 90% of Brazilians are proud to assign themselves as Catholics, unable to see the intricate process of how the brain creates an unconscious/conscious choice ‘yneso’ the safest, most comfortable faith out of the thousands to choose from ultimately, the innate mechanisms of the brain magnetizing us toward variants of conformity within set parameters that evolved through circumstances.
*C) Free will YES – I can choose any style and speed I want to walk down the street, fast, slow, zigzag, big strides, tiny steps, it’s up to me.
Free will NO – Again without thinking, our automatic walking technique will fit in line to cultural parameters without realizing. We are not consciously aware that we fit into a cultural rhythm. Compare a crowded street scene in India, with a crowded street scene in Paris on You Tube… You will notice individual styles yes but within parameters of cultural norms the majority of the time. Paris and Mumbai very different to each other as two separate collectives.
*D) Free will YES – I can choose whatever drink I want after my lunch… A fizzy drink, coffee, tea, wine, whatever, plenty of choices.Easy to pour any drink into the glass.
Free will NO – Most of the time without thinking we are magnetized towards the same automatic bracket of choices that formed over time… To contemplate drinking wine as many do with their meal is a complete no, no for others. The brain without us being consciously aware automatically flows with the bracket of choices it has set, only adapting if the person feels experimental on rare occasions of spontaneity… We do not therefore spend 20 minutes struggling to choose which drink to have today from the array of choices… it’s usually a quick flow of choice same / similar as previous.
*E) Free will YES – I can control how I am seated, whilst reading this right now. Lying on my front, sitting crossed legged, with two cushions behind my lower spine or however….
Free will NO – Take note of how you are seated and compare to yesterdays position in the same seat. The flow without conscious awareness just happened to you. Even the way you brushed your hair back, or the technique you used to scratch or pick your nose while reading, has a set same/similar rhythm as previous times.
*F) Free will YES – You may or may not like this post, and have fixed thoughts about The Mind Voyager… You may like him intensely or think he’s a nutcase, you can step back and choose and adapt for each post if you wish…
Free will NO – Once you fix into liking someone and frame them in your mind as brilliant, average or a disgrace, you will more than likely lock into that vision for next time most probably, as the brain will frame whatever I post with that lens of appreciation, or not… We tend to have favorite comedians, teachers, actors, mentors, relatives and that flow remains. I loved Robin Williams the actor / comedian, a positive glow surrounds him every time when he pops up in my mind through the year. “Ahh yes, Robin Williams, great” you may say…. but google to see how many hated him too. It will never be ‘like’ on Monday’s and Thursdays, and dislike on Fridays… The flow one way or another can last a lifetime and consistently.. We rarely contemplate the hundreds of character traits an individual will have, positive and negative to make a full rational assessment.
And finally…. but this can go on as long as a 50 volume encyclopedia set….
*G) Free will YES – I can choose to believe in a god or not, vote for any political party… The literature is there, weigh up the pros and cons and decide, nobody stopping me.
Free will NO – I can have my brain split in two as epilepsy sufferers sometimes do and one side of my brain can believe in a god and the other not… I can button up my shirt and the other half of the brain now separated will want to unbutton it… I can have very rigid conservative views one minute due to left brain activation until the right side, separated brain throws in some fluffy opinions, coated more with peace, love and let me kiss your forehead… in debate with the the left brain as though two different people inside one head.
Join the two brain hemispheres together though, add millions of years of erratic evolution, mastering the process of survival, we end up fooling ourselves unable to observe the ‘YNESO’ process that is the paradox of free will….. We all remain with the deluded hypothesis that we have ultimate control of ‘me’ and to let go of that idea is excruciating. We are liars, we observe that paradox in flashes, the contradictions, we know it, but so diluted within the normality of life that infects (is that the right word?) us all, we continue that effortless pattern collectively…. That is the ego. 🙂
Liberation is being able to honestly make that observation… Anything less than that, then……
[Video source: wimsweden YouTube link]