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The COVID-5G Conspiracy – Debunked

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But their eery silence to ensure high number togetherness ðŸ˜Ū
I am The Mind Voyager, years of research on human nature, from neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, philosophy, genetics and much more… You name it, I am constantly in love with learning more and more about the weird and wonderful and vastly complex aspects of us humans.
MY CURRENT STANCE: I am grateful that I have learned so much, but would not dare even contemplate playing the smart ass know it all. Ethically, all I can say is that we researchers, professionals and a layperson like me are only scratching the surface in understanding human nature in a grand scheme of things. I recognize and repeat over and over that despite my abundance of knowledge I can not get rid of many of my bad habits, I still notice my brain magnetizing my mind towards convenient biases that are often attached to rationalizing the irrational, however, just by observing this, it has provided me with a very pleasant feeling of day to day contentment that no smoke of marijuana can emulate, not even close! The paradox of feeling very much in control while observing and accepting the vast complexity of my erratic mess of a mind is a beautiful place to be. I wish this flow to everybody! To be swept away by ego as the brain hardware wiring ensures, no matter how hard you try otherwise, but to be in a position to observe all as an initial clear platform toward potential change… WOW!
SO… MOVING ON TO THE TITLE… THE FUCKWITS Vs FUCKWITS. The inbreds, the assholes… Just kidding! 😀 When you become so well versed with the brain to mind pattern research data, you simply shift away from the natural default human tendency to praise or criticize from an emotional instant intuitive certainty. So this is not an attack on anyone, however, a little spice mixed with empathy and humor in my writing, I know can potentially trigger thoughts and discussions, so I will continue in this manner.
There are different denominations within the religiosity of conspiracy theory just as there are in the known religious dogmatic faiths. Islam has to deal with the delicate and sometimes violent differences between the Shiite and Sunni versions. And of course, from there, so many intricate details debated within that. I once sat through a live 3-hour debate MUSLIMS Vs MUSLIMS on the topic of Evolution Vs God’s creation. ðŸ˜Ū
Christianity is reported to have 33,000 different denominations, formed because along the way politics and ego found fault in one, so easy to just form another that suited the agenda of the group. King Henry VIII of England a prime example, forming the Church of England because the Catholic church of the time disagreed with him fucking any more women in a reckless fashion desperate for himself to have a male heir to his thrown. Cyprus, in general, gave absolutely no emotional credence toward the Catholic Easter a week before their Orthodox version, just like a football fan watches mainly the Premier League, and the lower league teams are seen as just cute but not worth more than the occasional coochie coo patronizing acknowledgment. In general Christians of all versions present-day get by with each other, but it’s like helping that elderly neighbor next door when he/she calls from over the fence. Yes, we will go and support gladly but we sometimes scream inside “WHAT THE FUCK DOES HE WANT NOW?!”
So what are these conspiracy theorists up to with their know it all certainties, apparently concerned about all of our well-being and for all who are still blinded from the real truth, who do not follow their need to be right? I will give you an example of how my debating comments are conveniently bypassed on their posts, where they are unable to answer directly to questions I pose, instead, sending their 28th YouTube link assuming that high numbers of different agreeable opinion on the same topic means that it’s somehow evidence to back their case. ðŸĪŠ Below are examples I touch upon, to show how they too flow with a convenient religious denomination type of certainty among themselves with what is often an eery set of contradictions within the group itself.
Conspiracy theorists often post a video interview of David Icke, who is at the top tier of conspiracy theorists along with Alex Jones. It’s not good to stereotype I know, especially me being The Mind Voyager and all that jazz, but just looking and listening to them you can feel a sense of ‘something is not right here’ with these two highly followed individuals. However, let’s be fair, this could be my bias, and once emotion links on to bias the brain ensures that need to be right stance in anyone. So, yes I’m cautious of myself too.
Anyway… A normal theme is, especially in Cyprus, someone proudly posts to support their conspiracy claim a video of Icke, however, along the way in previous posts I notice that individuals on their personal page highlight their affiliation to the Christian faith and famous favourite film stars. Just to quickly summarise though, Icke’s mantra is that our planet is run by interdimensional lizard people who have a space station on the moon that happens to be fake and hollow but is their base. The lizard people are the world’s elite, kings, queens, elite business and entertainment moguls who feed off the negative energy of people and shapeshift into lizards when out of view. Icke goes on to show how they use HOLLYWOOD, RELIGION, and all sorts of mainstream activity to pacify all of us so as to easier be controlled and brainwashed so then they can conduct their negative-energy-zapping sessions with less hassle.
NO!! I DID NOT MAKE THAT SHIT UP! Yet, literally, hundreds of Cypriots probably do not know that part about his conveniently join the dots theories, but at the same time many also do, but what of these fans and followers? They press SEND, foaming at the mouth with excitement of how Dunning Kruger they are not and to show how intelligently rebellious they are. 😎 (They would not know the Dunning Kruger research by the way)
1. Do they never or at least stop watching Hollywood movies as part of their protest against that evil mainstream controlling us?
2. Do they take notice of Icke when he powerfully proposes that organized religion is part of the Lizard people’s plan to brainwash all, so they then stop following their original faith?
3. Do the fans of Icke also believe in lizard shapeshifting controllers?
4. Will they also trash their laptops and excel files in protest to Bill Gates who is one of the elites Icke goes on about?
5…6…7 And much more I can bring up.
OH FUCK NO! 😉 A convenient set of eyes closed is the contradiction norm for sure!
What I notice time after time is that conspiracy theorists will cherry-pick from the likes of Icke and Jones of what they put out there and conveniently brush under the carpet the stuff that clashes with their own comfort zone normal world view. So what causes this fuckwitism? We now have literally thousands of Icke fans globally, (hundreds in Cyprus) who chop and change willy nilly his VERY REAL [SELF-CONFIRMED INSIGHTS] OF HOW THE WORLD IS RUN! But why? You either follow it all cohesively or not, right? It’s like a Muslim following part of the Quran but casually deciding to change Mohammed’s name to Dave or something!
Guys, I point out the contradictions of conspiracy theorists, clashing with ideas in-group, who brush things under the carpet and hush-hush conveniently so as to stay strong together as an aggregate group of a growing minority. But let me also point out, that WE ARE ALL LIKE THAT IN DIFFERENT WAYS THROUGH LIFE. Most about our human nature are trivial, so when we fail to observe our own biases and contradictions the significance is minimal. However, when strongly tied to politics or religion or conspiracy theory, the unfortunate, innocent ignorance from often well-meaning people can trigger riots, and often cause deaths through war and terrorism.
I hope for all to practice observing their natural ego-mind more and more… The problem is the paradox. The brain loves to hold onto meaningful set mind patterns, so it will assume that choices are not made with convenient ego, that is something that just happens to others as we are self-justifying machines.
AND SO FOR A FEW MORE GENERATIONS YET… FUCKWITISM WILL CONTINUE. 🙂 Thankfully my personal fuckwit nature is toned down to trivial everyday duck and dive.
Peace / OUT! x
[YouTube channel source viewing credit: Rationality Rules]
[Article by Panayiotis Stavrou]