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Us vs Them: Immigration, Empathy and Psychology

ALL OF US ORIGINALLY STARDUST and then millions of years of evolution later and here we are as humans with our closest relations being the Chimps, Orangutans, Bonobos and Gorillas due to sharing the closest common ancestors as the evolutionary tree expanded.
Then as humans, we expanded and divided in more finer detail, and most of us settle and often become very defensive in support of our current location, and cultural group… Me personally though, I will not carry the label of British or Greek Cypriot, no way, no chance!
Everything in Cyprus and UK needed peoples from across the globe over time to create our identity together, mix and match… My DNA if traced 10 generations back will possibly have nothing to do with UK and Cyprus also, another thing to consider… as sometimes we create too many barriers and biases in favor of ‘our own’.
I’m using a Japanese laptop with American designed software. My warm fleece has an American brand name and possibly made in China. Many of my clothes are made in various parts of the world. I love eating and have eaten plenty of food of which recipes and ingredients came from all over the globe. Greek, Indian, Brazilian, Italian, Chinese, African, Japanese and so on…. Coffee anyone? 🙂
Moving on, my headphones are Japanese, my shorts are a German brand, my car is from German origin too. My phone is a Korean brand and my favorite chocolates are from the UK. I can go on and on, and very much part of who I am and everyone else too involves people from possibly 150 + countries. If Cyprus was left to it’s own devices and we didn’t enjoy the fruits and labor of other nations or learn from them, then I’m sure we would still be living in huts now and riding around on donkeys dying at the age of 40 from diseases we couldn’t cure. Every nation must be thankful to every other nation for what we own and how we advance… In that respect I am nowhere near being British or Cypriot.
To grow as a massive nation today, we must remember there had to be evil, mass killings, and slavery in the past… Way too many slaves helped build the biggest and most advanced nations… Religions spread, and people who knew no better were forced into specific faiths due to high taxes set and also faced slaughter if opposed… Easy to indoctrinate ideas and create generations of followers too… Psychological manipulation and then fooling people into assuming they made a choice, a simple process…
So…. with so many things to consider, me compacting millions of years into a minute, and making our large planet in the sky into a tiny dot in my minds eye to observe all from that perspective, please do not patronize me and call me British or Cypriot, just because many cannot get over some foolish pride they were indoctrinated with, unable to see a whole in favor of bias, egotistical pride.
I will respect the laws of the land I live in, pay my taxes, and support local causes and businesses accordingly, my circumstances mean I have to live somewhere and I choose to be near my family. Other than that, I AM A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD AS ONE WITH MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS.
By Panayiotis Stavrou
[Video source: BrainCraft YouTube channel]