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The Problems of Being Very Beautiful

The paradox of beauty…. Not easy being beautiful as this video points out, it’s not always clear cut wonderful attention, there’s a definite dark side to being beautiful… however, my concern is that the choosing of beautifully symmetrical people for key roles in media and other industries…. The TV host and the film / soap star, the magazine cover, marketing / advertising are almost always in that symmetrical beauty zone…. The list is long where such beauty will place men and women ahead of the pile in many respects….. Is this not just as bad as racism, homophobia and other prejudices though?
Yes, we seem to be wired to naturally find symmetrical beauty instantly appealing, does that mean we remain within this modern era slaves to the shackles of an evolved survival brain with all of its genetically coded quirks, when really we can think ourselves out of that? The general theme of good people is that we want to push towards equality. The LGBTQ community are getting much support, color prejudice is being addressed globally, women’s rights too and so on…. However, something that is completely ignored, yet a very unfair bias, very evident is that ‘beauty’ bias…..
The statistics of young men and women suffering from mental health issues of which include the infamous eating disorders are at an all time high.The youth driven by insecurities, surfacing due to the constant bombardment of subliminal images screaming at them “YOU ARE NOT WORTHY IF YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE THIS!”!
To be facially attractive is a complete accident not a skill, yet in 2016 we are still acting as though these types become some kind of more important people with elite status…. Of course it does not mean we turn on ‘beautiful’ people now… I’m sure they would want a level and fair playing field too. It’s just an observation I make on what is often a truly unfair and evil bias that is rarely discussed and hardly anyone seems to want to change the paradigm of perception. If people were truly all loving and not just jumping on the ‘altruistic’ bandwagon wouldn’t this topic be discussed more? I do wonder if people therefore really do care about LGBTQ and color prejudice or just do what’s ‘cool’ to be seen as righteous? If they truly cared the beauty bias topic would be raised naturally maybe?…… Food for thought…. 
[Source: The School of Life YouTube link]