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The Great Debate: XENOPHOBIA – Why do we fear others?


The ASU Origins Project and ASU’s Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity are pleased to present: The Great Debate – Xenophobia : Why do we fear others?

Is our instinct to form in-groups and out-groups, such an important part of our evolutionary history, now maladaptive as we face a future increasingly dependent upon cooperation and shared responsibilities toward limited resources?

Join a panel of leading scientists, scholars, and public intellectuals, including renowned primatologist Frans de Waal, leading international economic advisor and director of the Earth Institute Jeffrey Sachs, experimental social psychologist Steven Neuberg, revolutionary cognitive neuroscientist Rebecca Saxe, distinguished theroretical physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson, and provocative New York Times editorialist Charles Blow, as they discuss the biological and sociological dimensions of this timely issue.

[Source: ShirleyFilms YouTube link]