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Richard Dawkins on Why Not All Opinions Are Equal, and Elitism



Very blunt at times but not obnoxious / self centred with it, Richard Dawkins shares some more excellent views and exposes what quite simply is at times ignorant bias of the man in the street, who may all too often have little idea about how the global economy truly works and how brain to mind biases are created and sustained also, yet allowed to vote in a refarendum????? Seriously?
It’s funny how those ‘foreigners’ are verbally attacked with nationalistic pride during conversation by voters who want them out, but, while the person freely, proudly expresses, to most probably the convenient person alligned to listen, in that instant create an automatic assumption that they do absolute nothing wrong in life, that they are worthy and untouchable, wholesome and righteous????
It’s bad enough here in Cyprus when a priest walks into a room and I watch as a bundle of people consistently turn to jelly and queue up to kiss his hand out of respect. I look around and all would claim a good nature and self perceived wisdom as they gladly gossip about others, however, between them mabye 3 books on a shelf, [recipe books]. This is the unfortunate majority in Cyprus especially. Thank goodness the general nature here is happy-go-lucky, peaceful. Everyone so proud of themselves… Would be so refreshing to hear this next sentance more often though….”I don’t know, I would love to learn more about that”

[Video source: Big Think YouTube channel]