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Richard Davidson: The Four Constituents of Well-Being

The real REAL!…. Neuroscience research deals with facts and not guess work and superstition. So many studies observing brain activity in order to offer a clearer picture as to how we can all create and sustain better health and well-being as highlighted in the talk by Richard Davidson attached. The research over time (and ongoing) compares results of groups and individuals by correlating brain activity with behavior / emotional patterns and does not unethically rely on subjective accounts alone from people who either realize / or not, that they cherry pick positives as seen in so many pseudoscience beliefs, and are not thinking critically and fairly in order to make proper comparisons, therefore, cannot verify claims made conclusively that they actually work. A horrible type of lie when people avoid making detailed comparisons when producing findings.
It should be a major cause for concern that Reiki, Ayurveda, Feng Shui, Faith healing, Crystal healing, Qigong, and so many other faith claims cannot actually be scientifically proven…Chi Energy and Prana cannot be measured. When their practitioners do agree to be subject of real scientific study, their so called miraculous results always fall short and are always inconclusive. NOT OFTEN….ALWAYS!!!…. Tested, using real sick people, no invisible energy has ever produced amazing results… If anything, by chance at best.
If I told you that I can cure cancer with an invisible energy called POOPLOP, you would want real evidence…. If I generated 1 million believers of POOPLOP it does not mean it is now confirmed as real.. At some point with my claim I will need to provide evidence…. The same for any invisible healing claim that coincidentally bypass proper placebo testing and detailed scientific investigation, and then claim that ethical scientists just do not know how to tune in to their flow due to their doubts… NONSENSE!
Ayurveda, Crystal healing, Christian prayer, Qigong and Faith healing can never heal an amputee, have you ever noticed that? How come they all coincidentally fall short when it comes to this type of healing despite claiming to heal everything else?? When science can find a way to regrow limbs eventually, you can then guess how many of the pseudosciences will jump on the bandwagon to claim that it was their ‘magic energies’ that helped heal… WELL WHY NOT NOW BUSTER??? LOL….. It does get a little pathetic. Liars to uphold foolish pride and of course often generating THAT CASH COW TOO! Rhino horns or elephant tusks anyone? 😮
By Panayiotis Stavrou
[Video source: Greater Good Science Center YouTube link]