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Psychology And Advertising

LET THE RAT RACE GAMES BEGIN (or continue)!!!….Advertising is simply accepted by most, you don’t get demonstrations in the street demanding change. I find this paradigm of product and service promotion completely unethical, whilst unchallenged as people are well and truly sucked into what is a ‘social norm’…. Imagine when they design an advert, they are basically scribbling ideas down based around capitalizing on our susceptibility and weakness. This is the world we live in…. ‘Let’s get those fools!” is the mantra of the advertising agency. They aren’t devils exactly, they’re not directly thinking that way, but they know what they are doing and justify it so their conscience is clear…. If no one’s complaining, it must be OK right?
The will use various themes and tactics, including love and compassion to make us feel all cosy and fluffy, pulling on our heart strings, but the irony being they used the opposite of that in a cunning, manipulative way so as we can make the company they are hired by AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE!!!
This paradigm of civilization I accept and I get on with it, happy go lucky I am, what else to do? Cry in the corner complaining 24/7???…… but in general human nature is naive, biased, completely lost and the saddest thing of all, assume they have control in the process. I’m generalizing of course, but it does seem like a majority worldwide are swept away with social norms without being able to think or create a wise awareness.
I’m pretty sure most, especially those in towns and cities are feeling very empty inside, yet the very nature of the ‘fake’ of psychology in advertising created a liar in all of us… We are all great actors hiding the deep confusion and pain inside with the products we bought to cover that up and not actually tackle the deep rooted problems. That is the reality for too many within a consumer / capitalist society… 80% look cool and fulfilled, glorious and happy, yet 80% of that 80% are paranoid, deeply insecure and feeling depressed inside, feeling left behind (it seems)……The psychology of advertising requires us to be that way so we will continue to buy into their next installment to get a small dopamine kick of pleasure just enough until the next time! 😉 
[Video source: She Made You Tube channel]