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Patricia Churchland: Interview about her journey toward neurophilosophy


Patricia Churchland is trying to combine philosophy, neuroscience and evolutionary biology toward consciousness studies by her own approach of neurophilosophy. In this interview, the following questions are discussed: What is eliminativism and its difference from identity theory? Could armchair philosophy and conceptual analysis be worth applying to the problem of consciousness? In what way should philosophers and cognitive scientists communicate? What is the meaning of life? And various other topics including personal identity, morality, etc. This is from the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies :…

Patricia and her husband Paul are most famous for their work on neurophilosophy, which concentrates on the interface between philosophy and neuroscience. They also famously subscribe to a version of eliminative materialism, the view that folk psychology is fundamentally mistaken and thus ordinary folk concepts about the mind (like, for example, beliefs, desires, intentions, the will, thoughts, the self, etc.) don’t really exist or *probably* don’t exist.

[Video and text source: Philosophical Overdose YouTube channel]