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The Master: How Scientology Works

FAITH BASED BELIEVERS STATING THEIR CASE in polite phone conversation / debate often say to me “Allow people to believe what they want”……. Firstly, I am no authority, taking peoples faith away from them I cannot. I just take part in conversations or write articles on the matter and air my thoughts……. Secondly, as casually as they say that, never do any ‘believers’ upon my follow up know anything about the brain and how it creates cognitive biases. From reward systems, to fight / flight….dorsal striatum, ventral tegmental, hippocampus, dopamine circuits, temporal lobes, prefrontal cortex and a host of other that contribute to make an idea eventually seem so real and significant. Emotional connections formed so as specific and appropriate realities STICK for a lifetime. This is alarming for a 2017 era, the lack of basic knowledge about the brain creating mind.
I mention the basics of how the brain loves forming patterns, thousands of patterns, automatic, no need for us thinking patterns to help us all survive within the daily grind and for connection within our communities… Example 1: Brush your teeth with the opposite hand next time you do, YOUR BRAIN WILL NOT LIKE IT, AND A STRONG FORCEFUL PART OF THE MIND WILL WANT YOU TO REVERT BACK TO THE BEST FEELING PATTERN THAT IT’S USED TO. Favorite supermarket, favorite chair, how we brush our hair, how we reverse the car, our favorite fruit, sports team, songs…… so many actions and thoughts, the same or very similar style every single time we do or think them unless we become aware and are able to choose something different and consciously shift from a norm and change our mind… The brain more often than not though will use same or similar patterns each day and automatically without a realization of what happened to us… The patterns that the brain flows with via mind, we did not choose the templates, they fell into place accordingly. Too many patterns needed to be made, for us to then naively assume a careful, strategic thoughtful process took place to form our identity with all its vast detail.
Example 2: Educated minds, carefully choosing their faith? Highly unlikely, observing majority patterns when there are hundreds of labeled beliefs to choose from. The brain creates mind to adhere to comfort zones…. People are unaware of the background brain processes forming a mind to steer toward conformity.
North Africa & Middle East – 95% Muslim
South America – 95% Catholic
India – 75% Hindu
Israel – 75% Judaism
Greece & Cyprus – 85% Christian Orthodox
South East Asia – 50% Buddhist
Thirdifyingly….. a reminder that “Let people believe what they want” suggestion, expressed to me….. I can name hundreds of reasons why this is an appalling attitude to have, considering that we do have a small space within our mind to be aware and possibly contribute to cultural change for the better….. In areas of Africa right now, twins and albinos are seen as cursed, their limbs hacked off, children thrown out onto the street to fend for themselves, sometimes brutally murdered… Let the believers be?……. Some Faith healer is manipulating the masses with staged healing that does not work beyond momentary placebo at best while they collect thousands of dollars from vulnerable victims claiming “MIRACLE!”…. Let them be?…….. Someone is planning a suicide bombing because of their interpretation of scripture to please their god in accordance to their political stance…. Let them be?……. Someone has just rejected their child, disgraced because they decided to marry their partner who is from a different faith…. Let them be? I can go on and on and on and on….Beyond that, it’s just embarrassing that people claim evidence of miracles from god listening to their exclusive prayers but can never produce actual evidence, ranting and going around in circles with false justifications only… This is sad in itself as reason and evidence is a must in their life any other time, but coincidentally this process of investigation and fact finding switched off appropriately in order to support their faith claims.
I fully understand how people fall into bias belief traps, as the majority of people have no idea about how the brain forms appropriate, comforting patterns, and are left assuming control of the ‘me’, but I do hope one day our education systems globally will teach the youth to think more critically, to be aware of how their brain / mind works and challenge their own mind generated patterns, within a fair, secular environment….. Millions of people are comforted by nonsense, innocently and harmlessly most of the time but their is too much foolish pride and harm attached to faith based ideas on a whole! So, although I cannot change anything myself, I am no bully either, however, I will always write blogs to alert all why we should not just ‘allow a believer to be’, promoting reason and critical thinking as our guide through life and not automatic, blind, emotion forming mind biases where people have limited self awareness of what’s really happening within their head…. HUMANS 2017.
By Panayiotis Stavrou
[Video source Nerdwriter1 You Tube channel]