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Flashed Face Distortion Effect

FREE WILL? … PLEASE TAKE PART IN THIS FUN 1 MINUTE EXPERIMENT. 😀 (follow the simple instructions)
Okay, so you open the fridge door and you can choose between a cola, juice, water or whatever…. 2 seconds, free will choice made… That’s one aspect of free will, sure, easy peezy.
However, it’s not always that straight forward. There are other patterns of collective human thought that follow what seem like set unwritten rules, by that I mean cultural patterns for example such as religiosity or political affiliation, where it’s clear one specific nation/region has a majority faith compared to another region that has a completely different and contradictory approach…. so was choice made, or just intricate autopilot processes most aren’t aware of happening to them taking place?
There’s also peer pressure, following the latest fashions as another example… Tight jeans or flares?… Is the latest collection really cool or just a cluster of people all connecting to agree on the cool factor and was it free will or a brain designed for survival making sure it primes individual decisions made due to subconscious markers stemming from the brain that act a little like magnets making sure people are pulled towards conformity?
Another aspect of non-free will to observe is how our mind fools our perception visually. We often view things and are sure we have control over the image ahead of us. We often assume that our memory recall is correct too but experiment after experiment proves that it’s not always the case yet we are so sure of our version of events.
I believe we are an era in general where we are not educated or inspired to observe ourselves honestly… The subconscious survival innate tendencies of the developing brain/mind pulling the strings towards many of our perceptions and choices in order to fit in with the ‘majority’ or the ‘powerful’ so as to create and/or maintain a feeling of comfort and safety offering the best way forward for survival.
That’s not a bad thing, but the process is not perfect, and if we took a true look at ourselves, we would see a very messy process indeed, often idiotic as we defend our choices and beliefs….. Interesting times ahead as researchers find out more and more about the intricacies of brain and mind connection that seem to be acting like a separate person within us guiding our ultimate survival strategies. Enjoy the experiment! 🙂 
[Source: Think101 YouTube link]