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Religious belief – Rational choice or cultural influence?


THOSE 90%!…..
Some posts I like to repeat now and again… A powerful conversation I would like to create…….Please observe the context of how I bring this up… I am not hating, just observing….So here goes.. I want people to respond to my observation, my guesstimate….. 90% of the world’s people if not more are only following their religion or spiritual faith due to their accidental birthplace and circumstances. Without understanding how the background brain primes the identifying mind to create biases which mean conforming to the immediate norms of direct culture without thinking critically is a standard procedure…

So easy to observe statistically. The majority religion in Argentina, Brasil, Columbia, major nations of South America = each over 80% Catholic Christian….. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen of the Middle East region = each over 90% Muslim….. Eastern Asia nations such as Japan, South Korea, China, Mongolia = Collectively, less than 3% Muslim and less than 10% Christian. Clear patterns with most nations across the globe and regions.

Either they all think critically, studied all faiths and science and coincidentally came to their very different conclusions or we live in a world where the majority of people still do not understand how cognitive biases work creating a belief system without realising what happened to them, easily indoctrinated with ideas and false truths in a constant loop generation after generation reinforcing. Most will justify their faith with so much pride until they are blue in the face.

Do we need a Phd in Rocket science to understand that the majority of the worlds people are not really religious but swept away with a convenient accidental meme? Literally take away one baby at birth and place it within a different culture in a far region and their belief system will be different, nothing more than that. Yet people live and die by what is ignorance and an accident, nothing more…

It is an innocent ignorance I confirm, that foolish pride means people are liars within this context but just cannot observe it. Cognitive biases are a paradox within the mind. Their role is to deceive the very person who owns the thoughts and belief systems. However, it is also alarming as there is way too much information available out there and we can all ask questions and stumble across facts and great teachers. Not being able to observe this as a collective in 2016, the world should be slightly embarrassed with themselves for hardly every making this very simple observation and discussing it. It’s one of the lies that separates the world… People prefer to hide behind their ego pride, yet the irony being through their accidental faith, believers claim peace, love and togetherness. It’s far from it… People defend any type of pattern that is comforting to them at all costs, they do not care who they ignore, vilify, or kill in the process to defend their honour. We are very much still animals for not being able to make such observations with ease.

 [Video source: Business Insider YouTube link]