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Extraordinary Claims: “The phone always rings when I’m in the shower.”

or synchronicity and a message from the spiritual universe? …… People can assume a spiritual connection and meaning to coincidences that happen through the day…. However….
Can the believers observe so called ‘synchronicity’ patterns honestly?
15 years ago I personally used to see triple numbers often on a daily basis but then soon realized that my mind was focused that way, locking into seeking such patterns, UNAWARE that I would see way too many numbers without any pattern, but my mind not registering those types and discarding them instantly apart from the split second requirement of them for reference.
So…5:49 for example on the clock, it did it’s job for that split second but had no pattern…. 60 minutes later if asked to remember the time I saw, I most probably would not be able to…..but if I saw 5:55 I would have a better chance to remember the time exactly as it’s easier for the brain to highlight and remember PATTERNS, especially if I created an emotional narrative day after day of spiritual connectivity directing me towards noticing these patterns even more….
When seeing 4:44 or 5:55 or any other patterned number I was left thinking that they were the only times I would have contact to any numbers through the day as the mind would not recall an emotional or necessary connection to fix down 5:49 or 6:03 etc….. Hence the trap formed and then easy for me to place a narrative on top of those patterns of triple numbers and then go on to form what seemed an ‘obvious’ spiritual connection that wasn’t. How else to explain this coincidence apart from a spiritual connection? It all seemed to fit nicely. All too spooky and often they were occurring IT SEEMED.
Only weeks later and many so called spiritual connections later, I managed to observe what was really going on honestly (and it wasn’t easy) thanks to a psychology podcast I used to listen to that touched on the topic on one occasion. I would begin to notice very often, me looking at digital numbers in the car, work, media, laptop, phone, oven, microwave etc etc around 50+ quick and effortless glances per day…. Rounding up the averages, of course therefore I would stumble across triple numbers 2-5 times per day (and possibly remember previous day number experiences too)…. Looking from this honest and rational perspective the average is about right to stumble upon patterned numbers a small handful of times from so many glances.
In autopilot unaware mode before the podcast, with an emotional narrative attached, I would assume I saw 5 or more triple numbers per day but would also assume I looked at a digital display only 7 or 8 times and not 50+, hence it must be magical I concluded… The brain though simply loves patterns… This is why we brush our teeth the same way, drive our cars the same way and eat with the same style each day… We don’t choose to form ongoing patterns, they just fall into place and fix in permanently. We are not really aware that we use the same patterns daily, we just get on with it without taking much notice… We only notice our pattern habits when auntie comes for dinner and then stop ourselves from eating like a pig like we do in private, choosing a slower more ‘respectable’ version of chewing when she’s sitting opposite us. 😉
Why is the brain attracted to patterns?…. A great survival tool. It creates automatic comfort zone responses and narratives for thought and movement…. This is why we stick to the same supported football team, the same food we avoid or like, the same religion and political affiliation and so on despite there being so many to choose from. Why not choose a different one each week???…. If the brain allowed for change often we would potentially be at huge risk…. The system of pattern forming particularly important for our ancient ancestors in the wild, making sure they AVOIDED THE ROUTE that would lead them to death, eaten alive by the lion, tiger or other predators…or of course patterns remembered for the ROUTES AND TECHNIQUES THAT LED THEM TO FOOD AND SHELTER consistently. As we continued to evolve into modern day humans, the pattern forming brain still very much with us but now has an additional elaborate neo-cortex that can create detailed story-lines on top of the basic needs of fight or flight pattern requirements of times past which are still deeply wired into lower brain structures.
Astrology, tarot cards, mediumship, ‘synchronized’ triple numbers and many more are just a byproduct of a pattern forming creative brain and nothing more. :)…. Believers can argue until they are blue in the face that there is a spiritual connection but never any evidence beyond their subjective and articulate reality…. Can they honestly observe what’s really going on like I did? It wasn’t easy… I also bought a few books that backed up the spiritual version too… Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer were my favourites back then, the emotional hook to this spiritual narrative was very strong and made stronger by such authors solidifying further my perceived reality…. Never any evidence from them… Just well articulated subjective truths….Now though… I NEVER SEE SUCH PATTERNS…. Hmmmmmmm I wonder if the spiritual angels are upset with me? 😉 Maybe not, as they do not exist. 🙂
[Video source: Think101 You Tube channel]