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Dear Believer: Why Do You Believe?

Dear believer: Why do you believe?
Some honest and genuinely humble questions to my friends who follow a faith based belief. When the day comes and I’m perfect, then I will show sarcasm and ridicule you. I am far from perfect so I will not, I cannot and even if I was I wouldn’t want to anyway, it’s not part of my nature. Too much to improve of myself first. So the questions in this thought provoking video are what I would ask you if given a chance, but I would do so respectfully.
I do believe in progress. I’m very realistic as I go though but we must never stop dreaming about making the best world possible for present day and future generations. We now have the knowledge at our disposal, the skills we can develop. Mindfulness, critical thinking, some fantastic research over the last 50 years we can learn from and build upon about how our brain works, why our behaviors and emotions shape the way they do, often beyond our control with the subconscious survival mind playing a vast role it seems which we still refuse to grasp. I have a duty, we all have a duty to at least try and better ourselves with the greater good for all in mind. We have an awareness potential and we need to tune in to quality knowledge that can help us adapt and understand ourselves better.
Sure we must keep a healthy skepticism with all. I love science for example, that does not make science perfect. Just a great mode of investigation as we try and progress. Evidence beyond doubt and reason are my guide, so any interesting experiments don’t cut it for me, not until there are replicated studies over and over from various sources without fame and fortune in mind will get my attention. Too much corruption, too many ego’s out there, too much ambiguity, so skepticism is healthy and slowly but surely wonderful findings arise but the sieve to sort out the good from the bad is very much needed, very healthy.
As part of that duty we have, I think we must take the next step and be brave, ask ourselves some serious personal questions. Nobody is forcing anyone to change, not unless you are part of those fundamental, evil ‘know it alls’. We all have our contradictions, easily forgotten as we criticize one and other, that’s the way the brain/mind likes to battle…Much appropriateness, easy to discard rationality to suit, but most of us autopilot reactors, we mean no harm deep down, we simply can’t observe our contradictory ways.
More open, honest conversations are required and less defensive pride. We can plant a seed in our mind to strive for that as a first step for quality change. Can you answer the questions in this video with a new awareness?
I myself going to ask a few questions to that man in the mirror.
Peace and progress brothers and sisters.
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