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10 Facts About ORGASMS To Blow Your Mind


Orgasms are the one of the most wondrous things that one can experience that is completely free and can be a shared experience. If you have a good partner or a good hand, you can enjoy as many “big O’s” as you please, and it won’t cost you a dime. Well, it’s free unless you’re paying someone to pleasure you, which is illegal so you shouldn’t do it. But there are much more to orgasms than just a great feeling that is similar to euphoria. Orgasms can have many benefits for both mind and body, and there are many cool elements associated with orgasms that most people don’t even think about.
Along with being cool, there are also some really weird facts about orgasms that have caused the phenomenon to remain as a major mystery. There are many ways to achieve the euphoric feeling, and we all get there with different methods. From self-servicing to needing to be the center of attention among a large group, we tend to judge people based on what gets them “there.” But if we weren’t all in search of that perfect orgasm, the porn industry wouldn’t be as diverse and successful as it is now.
Here are ten weird facts about orgasms that will blow your mind and have you scratching your head wondering how in the world all of this works. No matter where you stand on the moral compass when it comes to sex and pleasure, you’re sure to learn something new from this video.

[Source: TheRichest YouTube link]